2916 Sennebec Road, Appleton, Maine  04862       207-785-5656

Volunteer Staff

The Appleton Library relies on regular volunteer staff to ensure we are open twenty-one hours a week, including two evenings.  Without the support of our committed volunteers, this vital community resource could not continue. 

Please consider volunteering for a shift or portion of a shift.  Ask our staff or give us a call at 207-785-5656.

Gifts to the Library

The Appleton Library is primarily financed by contributions, grants, and special events, with some funding from the Town of Appleton. Please consider donating to Appleton Library, a 501(c)3 entity, All donations are tax deductible.

When shopping online, please use: smile.amazon.com.

Book Sales

Peruse our ongoing Book Sale tables.  Our selection is ever changing.  Prices for the new and gently used books are: $2-hard cover, $1-paperback, and 50ยข for small books. This remains our most frequent and consistent fundraising event.

Wish List

Please consider donating the following:

  • Activity Packs*:

     -Microscope Activity kit with a Brock microscope, prepared and blank slides, books such as Micro Monsters: Life Under the Microscope and The World is a Drop of Water.

     -Construction Activity Kit

    - Dinosaur Activity Kit

  • Hardcover Current Best Sellers (Adult, Young Adult, Junior, Picture)
  • Current DVDs and Audiobooks
  • New or used KINDLE or iPad
  • Money donations to provide a programming event
  • Money donations to help offset the cost of Interlibrary Loan postal costs
  • Jig Saw Puzzles (500-1,000 piece)
  • Post-It Notes
  • Postage Stamps
  • Paper Towels
  • Seasonally-Themed Paper Plates and/or napkins
  • Ground Coffee
  • Small sugar packets
  • Tea varieties
  • Art Supplies for Story Time program ( Good quality water color paint-paper, construction paper, white card stock, rubber stamps and washable ink, painting smocks, paint and brushes, glue sticks, markers, gently used men's button-up shirts to be used as smocks, etc.)
  • New ink pens and pencils
  • Boxes of tissues
  • Environmentally safe bio-salt for icy walkways
  • Ball Point Pens
  • Sharpies
  • Card-stock in a variety of colors
  • Legos, used or new
  • New or like-new American Girl Dolls and accessories
  • $94 Annual Advertising Fee to feature area libraries