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Meeting Room Use Policy

The primary purpose of the Community Meeting Room is to provide a place for cultural and educational programs and exhibits that are free and open to the public. Events that are sponsored by the library will be given first priority in scheduling the meeting room.

All groups requesting use of the meeting room must fill out an application at least two weeks in advance of their scheduled program and must pay any fees due at that time.  If a request is denied, all money will be returned.  Recurring room reservations are valid for a three month period and then must be renewed with a new application.

Permitted Uses:  Meeting room access is granted on an equal basis to all regardless of doctrine. In general, meetings that do not interfere with normal library business are permitted.

**Library sponsorship of, or permission to hold, any meeting, presentation or other use of the facility does not mean that the library supports, endorses, or advocates any view expressed therein.**

Fees: Any meeting, presentation or other use of the library sponsored by the library will be exempt from the following fee structure. When the library is closed, non-profit groups using the building will be charged $10 per use and all others will be charged $25 for up to two hours of use and $20 per hour for each additional hour with a daily cap of $100.

A $25 deposit is required to borrow a key and ensure the library is left clean and in good order. A lost key will result in a charge of $25. Cleaning, if required, will be billed at $35 per hour.

The library reserves the right to charge additional fees when appropriate. Please be aware that the library does incur additional heating and energy expense plus some additional custodial requirements. If you are able, please consider a tax-deductible donation to help defray these costs.

Publicity: Any individual or community group that uses the library for any event must clearly state who is sponsoring the event in all publicity materials. For example, any press release announcement or poster should clearly state "This even is sponsored by [Name of individual or organization]". In no case should the library's logo be used in any publicity materials for community-sponsored events.

General Guidelines: Alcoholic beverages may not be served on library premises. Smoking of tobacco or use of illegal substances is not permitted anywhere on library grounds. There will be no burning of candles, incense or open flames of any kind. To avoid damaging the walls, no items of any kind may be affixed to the meeting room walls. A white board is available upon request. Use of A/V equipment will require an additional deposit of $50 and instruction in use of the equipment.

Food: Refreshments may be served only in the Community Meeting Room if the sponsoring group thoroughly cleans up and disposes of trash. Alcoholic beverages may not be served on library premises.

Riverside Room: The Riverside Room may be used to heat and prepare food and drinks. This room is available for use for free during regular library hours and can be used for a fee of $15 when the library is not open. The room must be cleaned and all trash must be removed from the premises.

Set up & Clean up: Please be sure to return the areas you use to the condition in which you found them, including table and chair configurations. A vacuum and cleaning supplies are available in the janitor's closet in the foyer. All rooms must be cleaned and all trash must be removed from the premises. You are responsible to pay for any clean up or damages to the facility.

Security: The person signing the application is personally responsible for all damage, theft or vandalism that may occur to the library.

Do not leave the library entrances unlocked and unattended.

Key Return: All borrowed keys must be left in the book drop box after the building is locked at the end of the meeting time.

User promises to abide by the building use policy, to take full responsibility for leaving the library in the same condition as when user arrived and to ensure that the library remains secure. User will pay for any damages or cleaning charges that result from user's reservation.

Exceptions to this policy may be made by the Appleton Library Board of Trustees.