Nancy was a board member and volunteer for over 50 years.  We will miss her dearly.

The following was shared by Donald Burke at Nancy's Memorial on May 27:

In the late 1960s the Georges Valley Grange # 196 closed, most likely from lack of members, and the building was turned over to the Mildred Stevens Williams Memorial Library.  At that time an active group of volunteers built shelves, installed a furnace, improved the lighting, did a lot of painting, and Appleton had its first library!  

The library was open Thursday evenings and Nancy was the librarian from day one.  Folks loved to go to the library not only to take out books, but to chat with Nancy as well.  Closing time meant nothing to Nancy if a patron was in the library.

The library served as a meeting place for a 4-H club, the Appleton Historical Society, as well as other civic and private groups. Nancy and her husband Ted were both founding members of the Appleton Historical Society. 

Can anyone remember a Thursday night at the Appleton Library without Nancy Brown there to greet them?  Probably not.

In Memory of Nancy Brown

Board of Trustee Meeting Minutes

2916 Sennebec Road, Appleton, Maine  04862       207-785-5656

Board of Trustee Meetings

Board meetings are generally held on the third Wednesday of the month at 5:30 PM. All are welcome to attend.

Board of Trustees (as of January 2023):


     Tina Casteris, Chair

     Ellen Taylor, Vice Chair

    William Fiegener, Treasurer

     Marci Blakely, Secretary and Select Board Representative

​     Debbie Burns

     Peter Conant

     Diane Schivera

​Posted 02/16/23:
Library Board of Trustees Vacancy

There is an immediate vacancy on the Library Board of Trustees. This term would expire in January 2025.

The Board meets monthly at the Appleton Library on the third Wednesday of the month at 5:30pm. Please reach out to the Library Coordinator for more information.


Committees: Collections, Grounds, Interior, Building Maintenance, and Policy