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Our library relies on regular volunteer staff to ensure we are open twenty-one hours a week, including two evenings.  Without the support of our committed volunteers, this vital community resource could not continue. 

The Nancy Brown Volunteer Award Recipients:

Recognizing that volunteer who best exemplifies Nancy's sense of service, generosity of spirit, and dedication to our library.

2022          Patti Champman

2020         Peter Conant

2018         Jackie Dunham

2016         Keith Rose and Ben Larner

2014         Penelope Olson

2012         Annabel Turnbull

2010         Donald Burke

2008         Nancy Brown

Library Coordinator:   785-5656 or appletonlibraryme@gmail.com

History of Appleton Library

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 The Mildred Stevens Williams Memorial Library, or as it is commonly called The Appleton Library, started at the Appleton Village School (the current Town Office), then moved to the Meetinghouse in Appleton, and finally found a home for several years in the beloved red George's Valley Grange Building.  It began as a memorial to Mildred, who was the wife of the principal of the Appleton High School.  Mr. Stevens joined the navy when WWII began, and while they were stationed in California, Mildred died.  The Navy wives, remembering Mildred’s wish for a library in Appleton, gathered donations and Mildred’s family facilitated the opening of the library. 

The Appleton community outgrew the library’s home at the Grange, which had no running water or septic, and only two parking spots.  By working together, community members built the new Appleton library across the river.  Opening in 2010, the library and community space is a testament to the volunteer spirit of Appleton residents.  This new spacious building, financed by donations, fundraising events, numerous grants, and the generosity of a large team of skilled volunteers and professionals, provides free library resources and a community room for programming and events.  The building was designed to be energy efficient with geothermal radiant floor heating, copious windows for natural light, and solar panels to offset our electricity usage.

The Appleton Historical Society partnered with the library throughout the fundraising and building of the community space.  They now have a spacious room in which to organize historical documents, display objects of interest, and hold meetings. 

2916 Sennebec Road Appleton ME 04862

Telephone:  207-785-5656

Email:  appletonlibraryme@gmail.com






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Dec 2018 Total:145 kWh

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